Drum Pumps
A quick solution for many applications

    • Ideally harmonised with the liquid being pumped
    • Fast assembly
    • Immediately ready for action
    • Ideal for pumping and filling thin-bodied liquids
    • Different pump sets for selection
    • For emptying of canisters, drums and containers
    • Already pre-assembled
    • Ideal combination
set pump
Drum Pumps
The right solution for each and every liquid

We have the pump suited to any liquid to be pumped – without compromise. 
The drum pump faces a wide range of challenges as large quantities, high pressures, viscous liquids, chemical resistance and many more features and this requires the most different motors.
drum and cont
Vertical eccentric screw pumps
Clean results that you can rely on

Lutz vertical eccentric screw pumps are suitable for pumping media ranging from aqueous through to highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian media. The pumps are suitable for abrasive media and media containing solids, but also for neutral, aggressive and easily combustible liquids under high pumping pressure. 
    • Variable flow rate 
    • Large pumping volume 
    • Self-priming 
    • Dynamic shaft seal 
    • Practically no shearing effect on the pump medium 
    • Gentle and practically pulsation-free pumping 
    • Variable drive concept
Flow meters
You can count on Lutz

Precise work counts more than ever in laboratories as well as in production and fluids handling. Flow measurement must therefore be efficient, economical and, above all, practical – in mobile application as well as in stationary operation. Precise capture of fluid data ensures quality work processes and economical handling of operating resources.
For nearly 20 years, experts have relied on tried-and-true Lutz flow meters – and the new generation of meters will inspire you. 
    • TR turbine wheel meter 
    • TS nutating disc meter 
    • HDO oval gear meter

Lutz pumps. Made in Germany

Lutz pumps
German quality
The Lutz brand stands for fluid handling
using drum and container pumps.
In recent years, brand has developed into a synonym
for complete systems designed to handle any fluid filling and tranfer job.
Always one more reason to choose Lutz
Lutz offers you solutions from one source. Whether complete set or "tailor-made", you will receive a solution with "hand and foot" from Lutz. The matching range of accessories guarantees you efficient, safe working in all areas of application. Always on the safe side with Lutz. Operational safety is the be-all and end-all: Lutz pumps are approved according to recognised standards and regulations and fulfil all requirements of ATEX, UL, PTB, VDE and CE. The future firmly under control. With Lutz pumps you remain flexible and open for the requirements of the future.
Lutz Drum Pumps and IBC pumps for Containers
Responsibility, safety, reliability and progress are values which enjoy a long tradition at Lutz. This is reflected in the quality of our products as well as in the cooperation with our customers. Lutz is the reliable partner in the field of professional liquid transfer. As a system supplier of innovative and high-quality pumps and pump systems, we support our customers in a spirit of partnership.
You can count on Lutz for a long time: Lutz Flow meter
Today, precision work is of particular importance in the laboratory, as well as in production and when handling liquids. Consequently, flow measurement must be rational, economical and, above all, practical - for both mobile and stationary use. Accurate recording of fluid flow ensures quality work processes and economical use of work resources.
Through thick and thin: Lutz compressed air Diaphragm pumps
Even when the going gets tough: The oil-free valve technology of the Lutz Diaphragm pumps ensures blockage-free, infinitely variable operation in every situation. These Diaphragm pumps transport even difficult materials gently and safely. They are suitable for aggressive, abrasive or easily flammable liquids as well as for media with high viscosity.
They've got the hang of it: Centrifugal pumps from Lutz
Here everything revolves around safety and environmental protection: Lutz Centrifugal pumps take on the safe conveying of aggressive, corrosive and other hazardous acids or alkalis - with confidence. The individual sizes, technical designs and materials of the vertically wet-installed series can be combined with each other as required. Centrifugal pumps are particularly suitable for the chemical industry.
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